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Cakist Gourmet Bakery hand makes the highest quality gourmet marshmallows. Enjoy classics like toasted coconut, banana pudding or modern twists like the Maui Marshmallow with candied bacon and tangy pineapple!

Some of our favorite marshmallows …

It’s not always easy to choose a favorite, but these marshmallows just have that something special that make them irresistible.

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I was hosting a little breakfast gathering at my house and I wanted to find something different to serve in addition to the regular brunchy-style items. A quick search on Etsy pulled up Cakist Gourmet Bakery. The main seller for me is that this is a local baker. Not only could get my items quickly, but my money would also be spent locally.

Looking through their flavors, I settled on the oreo encrusted, toasted coconut, and banana pudding flavored marshmallows. I crossed my fingers and hoped for deliciousness.

Oh my goodness. My former marshmallow eating existence has been forever altered.

These marshmallows are RIDICULOUSLY good. I didn’t realize at the time of ordering what I was in for, but I am so beyond happy with the service and product received from Cakist. These marshmallows are little clouds of heaven.

My favorite of the three would be the toasted coconut. Even one of the girls that I had over who hates marshmallow said that this flavor was her favorite, too. Oreo and banana pudding are both a tie for me in taste. I guess it depends if I am in a more chocolate or fruit kind of mood. The consistency of these marshmallows were spot on and the flavors couldn’t be mistaken when you took a bite into them. Pure perfection.

I enjoyed these marshmallows so much that I plan on having them as my secret weapon for gifts and events. Maybe a gourmet s’mores night is in order? I just know that I am hooked and looking forward to trying their other flavors!

Brenna R.

Yelp Elite Reviewer

Cakist is on Etsy

In addition to selling products directly on our website, we have also teamed up with Etsy to bring our gourmet marshmallows to a wider audience.
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